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Woo Hoo What a 13 Year RIDE!

Wow, where did the past 13 years go? It is so important to tell all of YOU-THANK YOU! Thank you for coming along this journey of Max’s Ride for ALS Research and Patient Services!!! What started out as a crazy idea it ended up turning into an event that renewed faith in humanity, year after year! I cannot tell you… Read more →

Pre-Registration is Now Closed

Hey All, Max’s Ride, Concert and Craw-fish Boil is coming up tomorrow! If you missed pre-registration no worries, we will be ready to get you Registered at 9 a.m. at Cowboy on 4/20/19. Not able to Ride, no problem! Come by for Opening Ceremonies with our Salute to the Military beginning at 10:30! The concert and crawfish boil will start… Read more →

Advocacy Works by Kathryn Alexander

A Historic Trip to the Capitol The taxi dropped me off at the hotel, the nation’s capitol in the background. Despite the gray skies, serious looking business men and women strode down the bustling streets. For a second, I soaked in the charged energy of the city sidewalks. I made my way in the grand foyer of the beautiful hotel,… Read more →

Max’s Ride is Retiring

Happy Holidays from Max’s Ride for ALS! After 13 amazing years of support Max’s Ride for ALS will be retiring the event following our Lucky 13th Max’s Ride, Concert, Crawfish Boil and BBQ  happening April 20, 2019. I want to thank you all for your support over the past 12 years!   Know that our job is not finished, not until a… Read more →


Regretfully the perfect storm happened and we at Max’s Ride ALS lost all of our web page content.  Please stand by as we try to recreate the past 12 years.  We hate that this has happened and now have back up plans in the works but rebuilding requires a bit of time.   Please check out or Facebook page at… Read more →

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