Woo Hoo What a 13 Year RIDE!

Wow, where did the past 13 years go?

It is so important to tell all of YOU-THANK YOU!

Thank you for coming along this journey of Max’s Ride for ALS Research and Patient Services!!! What started out as a crazy idea it ended up turning into an event that renewed faith in humanity, year after year!

I cannot tell you the number of amazing people that my life has crossed because of this event. I cannot put into words how this event has touched by life so deeply that I considered January through April “Max’s Ride Season”. (I am a bit at a loss having decided to retire the “EVENT” itself. It is February already and I feel that I am forgetting to do so many things.)

Although the Official Max’s Ride Event has been retired, our Volunteers still remain hard at work, learning and sharing information on ALS!

Please continue your part in the Fight to Defeat ALS, share a post, volunteer at an event, attend or create your own even, donate your time or donate monetarily. This fight is not over until we find a cure! TOGETHER WE HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE AND TOGETHER WE CONTINUE THE FIGHT FOR THOSE WHO ARE NO LONGER ABLE.

Thank you for an AMAZING 13 YEARS!


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